Chain of fur stores

One of the main issues of illumination of shops is the choice of color temperature of a light source. The most widespread decision is application of neutral this world with a color temperature of 4000K-5000K.

In traditional systems of lighting lamps with luminescent or gas-discharge lamps are usually used.

At such lighting everything looks faded, dim, unattractive. Especially bright colors of warm part of a range — red, yellow, orange suffer.

If in system of lighting to use LED lamps, it is possible to pick up any color temperature as light-emitting diodes are issued with a color temperature from 2000K to 10000K.

Besides the light-emitting diodes used for lighting possess rather high index of a color rendition (75-85) that does colors by more natural.

Big plus of LED lighting is their durability (50 000 – 100 000 business hours) that allows to minimize costs of service of system of lighting.

All these factors were considered in development of the design and lighting project of illumination of the shop trading in leather and fur products.

To illuminate trading floor shop fur and leather products, LED lamps T8-600G cold-white light. have been used,which allowed us to focus on the presented goods.

Unlike standard lamps with halogen lamps, in a range of LED lamps there is no ultra-violet and infrared radiation, they don't allocate heat that guarantees safety of articles of clothing and an interior.

Besides, thanks to long service life – 50 000 hours and to a high light stream become possible to lower costs of operation of the light equipment.


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