Trade lighting. Light sources. Lighting calculation.

Illumination of shops helps a trademark to build the relations with buyers, to create a unique image in their consciousness, to create a comfortable situation at a choice and purchase of goods.

Besides trade lighting helps to create a route in a trading floor by means of bright light spots and light accents.

Illumination of a trading floor is reached due to use of the general and accenting lighting.

The general lighting serves for ensuring comfortable illumination, visibility and a task of style of all room. On intensity and color temperature it has to be most approached to a daylight (neutrally this world) and to be within 4000-50000K.

The accenting lighting – allocates a zone of the calculation of group of goods, or goods from lump and draws attention of the buyer to certain details of these goods due to bright illumination.

Zones of hypermarket, demanding accent lighting are: places of sale of fruit and vegetables, cookeries, fishes, meat, cheeses, pastries, a show-window with confectionery.

At illumination of such zones of hypermarket it is necessary to consider the color temperature of a light source.

In zones of sales of fruit, vegetables, bread, pastries, cheeses, meat it is necessary to establish light sources of a warm range, i.e. exchange 4000-50000 K.

At illumination of counters, show-windows, places of the calculation of the fresh and frozen fish where low temperature is usually maintained and a large amount of ice is used it is necessary to use light sources in a cold range of radiation, i.e. more than 4000-50000 To.

If in system of lighting to use LED lamps, it is possible to pick up any color temperature as light-emitting diodes are issued with a color temperature from 2000K to 10000K.

Besides the light-emitting diodes used for lighting possess rather high index of a color rendition (not less than 85) that does colors by more natural.

Big plus of LED lighting is their durability (50 000 – 100 000 business hours) that allows to minimize costs of service of system of lighting.

All these factors were considered in development of the lighting project of illumination of hypermarket.

When carrying out lighting calculations in this project the following lighting installations and light sources were used:

1. General lighting:

Luminaire with a LED lamp T8 - 1500

2. The accenting lighting:

Track lamp GD 30-2 (30/W)

In the project settlement rasters in which lighting calculation of vertical and horizontal illumination is carried out are allocated, average illumination of these sites is received:

  • Cookery/Fish/Meat;
  • Bakery products;
  • Salad bar;
  • Cheese/Sausages/Slicer;
  • Fruit/Vegetables;
  • Cash zone;
  • Shop equipment 4 m;
  • Shop equipment 2,2 m.

    The connected power of lamps makes: 33 976,4 W

    General light stream of system of lighting: 3 146 528 Lm.

    Visualization and fictitious colors:


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