Obstruction lights. Light-signal armature

We have faultless reputation and we propose quality innovative solutions. Our team, is highly qualified specialists with profound knowledge of national and international standards, norms

Our production was developed taking into account the best experts in the field of telecommunications, construction and power. We aimed, to provide to the market optimum effective decisions in the form of the modern and steadily working equipment which meets all expectations and requirements. Control over quality at all production phases and shipments of production, allows to exclude claims.

We offer quality production, excellent interaction with clients, the wide range and attractive price level. We appreciate the long-term partner relations, we invite to cooperation the trading organizations from all regions.

We offer:

  • The widest range of protecting fires "ZOM" and "SDZO-05" capable to satisfy various needs of the most exacting clients;
  • Uninterrupted presence of production in a warehouse;
  • Short deadlines of shipment of production to partners;
  • The quality of production checked for years;
  • Equal and fair opportunities for participants of the market;
  • Attractive commercial component of cooperation.

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