Powerful LED searchlights have the same best characteristics LED lights have.

Powerful LED searchlights have the same best characteristics LED lights have.

They’re used for lighting:

  • Building surroundings, gardens, parks, stadiums
  • Around the clock parking lots and gas stations
  • Tunnels, highways
  • Advertising panel, fountains
  • Elevation of buildings and other large objects
  • Exhibition halls, workshops, storehouses, circus rings, swimming-pools, night-clubs and other buildings more than 13,12 feet tall

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    Main advantages of LED searchlights:

  • High luminosity of light flux. Depending on the model it could be from 22 100 lm to 360 500 lm
  • Wide exposure angle which could be adjusted from 8 to 90 degrees. It allows to project any light flux, for example, narrow beam to light individual objects or their elements, or a wide stream of light for balanced light cover of territory.
  • Energy consumption from 200Wt, 500Wt to 4000Wt
  • The scope of voltage of a searchlight could be from 85 to 246V. Due to such wide scope the searchlight is not harmed by the fluctuations of voltage, that is its service life stays secured and the quality and power of light flux is not diminished.
  • Service life makes up 100 thousand hours, while that of halogen lamps does not exceed 5 thousand hours.
  • Provide illumination in warm or cool white
  • Rectangular shape of LED searchlights provide balanced cover without omissions and unlit areas
  • Low level of energy consumption. Thus LED lamp consumes 0.14kWt per 24 hours, and halogen lights of the same power – 1.8kWt, that is nearly 13 times more than LED.
  • Case is made of metal and glass, which by contrast to plastic lampshades doesn’t dim with time and doesn’t melt at high temperatures.
  • Security class IP67, which means that searchlights are moisture-resistant and can be used outside and near the water
  • Special mountings

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