MaxLite starts Lamp ENERGY STAR Certified LED MR16

The combination energy saving advantages light-emitting diode with outstanding quality of color, MaxLite enters certification of ENERGY STAR seven W of MR16 of the Lamp for commercial, retail trade, hospitality and other appendices of the general lighting.

LED lamps to replace 50-watt halogen lamps the tiny lives which are built in in easy, a case of lamps from more than 80 percent of economy of energy and longer. Offered in GU10 and GU of 5.3 bases, MaxLite MR16 of a lamp are developed with Chip On Board (COB) of light-emitting diodes which provide broad, uniform light and an excellent color rendition, achievements 80 plus of CRI for ENERGY STAR certified 2700K 3000K and models. A of 90 central research institutes model, without certification of ENERGY STAR, are also available in color temperature 3000K. All models with an adjustable brightness.

Is ideally suited for the retail displays and architectural appendices demanding blow and color, the lamp MaxLite MR16 from 90 central research institutes of satisfaction quality LED lamps the Specification of California used California of utilities for definition of what lamps will include in the of discounts and incentive programs. In addition to MR16, MaxLite offers numerous LED lamps of replacement which meet the requirements of California a quality light-emitting diode the Lamp the description, including A19, BR30 BR40 and styles.

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