Osram and Google to combine efforts in Smart LED of lamps

As Osram looks for new owners of its lamp of business, it is smartened the offers of a product that does it Lightify range a smart of LED lamps are compatible to a control system of the house Google Nest. Osram told that the Lightify line joined to "Works with a nest" the program in Great Britain and Ireland, with other countries soon.

Lightify offers Osram that the market inhabited calls "clever bulbs" which do things, as a rule, not perhaps with usual lighting. Users can press appendices on the phones and tablets to turn on the light or to switch off, is brighter or more dark than them, or to change colors according to moods - all from the same room, as headlights, or from around the world on the Internet (to, say, to constrain robbers). Consumers can also program them in advance to do those things, in certain time of day or to blink the security alarm system, detectors of a smoke, sport or preventions of stock prices.

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