Family of LED rulers for the media GRAPH-i-LINE appendices from GRIVEN at the Interlight Moscow 2015 exhibition

The new GRIVEN GRAPH-i-LINE series – family of LED rulers for media appendices. The linear profile is equipped by the spherical transparent or opaque lens providing optimum peripheral perception of the reproduced effect.

The grouped to massifs of the demanded forms and the sizes, LED contours and surfaces of GRAPH-i-LINE can reproduce an uncountable set of abstract color scenarios, graphics and video. Independent management of each light-emitting diode provides the maximum flexibility when developing and programming of the displayed content.

The automatic system of addressing, possibility of adjustment and updating of internal system software, the built-in electronic driver, a full digital control operating modes of the lamp and the plug&play technology allow to simplify and bring work of the designer to much higher qualitative level.

Devices are issued performed by RGB, with a length of module of 500 or 1000 mm, with management under the DMX and gData protocols. GRAPH-i-LINE modules are equipped with cable releases of the set length (monocable) and tight connectors for shleyfovy connection. Extent of protection of IP67.

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