A special class of lights is made up of flameproof light fittings.

LED Technology offers a wide variety of lights designed for use in high-risk areas.

A whole range of industries are classified as hazardous production facilities, including, chemical, oil and gas industries, gas stations, fuel storage facilities, mines, power stations, pipe lines and many others.

Safety standards of such industries require installation of special lights on their territories and in the production buildings that are capable of working on in emergency situations.

LED Technology supplies flameproof light fittings of various safety classes. All the products of the company comply with main requirements for this type of products. Our company flameproof light fittings are

  • reliable (service life – over 50 thousand hours)
  • safe
  • have long-life performance (no less than 5 years warranty)
  • have good lighting characteristics
  • easy to use
  • economically efficient.

    Lights of this category are not only protected by a hard, shock-proof case, solid wire and their light elements being made of heat-resistant glass, they’re of high safety class and are tested for compliance with the categories of explosions in accordance with state standards.

    Bridgelux (USA) LEDs are used in all of the lights.

    All the models meet ip66 class security level, i.e. dust and moisture-resistant.

    Different lights have the angles of light flux of 30 to 180 degrees, that is depending on the purpose and area of usage they ensure good lighting of individual objects as well as territory in general.

    In accordance with state standards all the lighting fixtures in the category of flameproof lights are marked with certain types of explosions they comply with.

    Delivery of purchased bulk quantities of goods is available to all cities and towns of the country. All products are under warranty.

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