• Hypermarket

    Trade lighting. Light sources. Lighting calculation. Illumination of shops helps a trademark to build the relations with buyers, to create a unique image in their consciousness, to create a comfort...Read more >>
  • Standby lighting

    Principles, methods and ways of the organization of emergency lighting Quantitative and quality standards are expressed in the following figures: The minimum horizontal illumination at the level...Read more >>
  • Car service

    The requirement to illumination of the industrial enterprises (artificial lighting) the characteristic of visual work for the staff of this shop is defined as work of high precision and illumination o...Read more >>
  • Chain of fur stores

    One of the main issues of illumination of shops is the choice of color temperature of a light source. The most widespread decision is application of neutral this world with a color temperature of 4000...Read more >>
  • Industrial platform

    Lighting of territories of the industrial enterprises and places of production of works out of buildings. Searchlight for open spaces. Street USKS lamps and LED searchlights of SSU. Ligh...Read more >>
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