• Interlight Moscow powered by Light+Building: welcome!

    Today opening of one of the most stylish and spectacular annual actions of lighting branch — Interlight Moscow powered by Light+Building took place. In the territory of five exhibition halls repres...Read more >>
  • MaxLite starts Lamp ENERGY STAR Certified LED MR16

    The combination energy saving advantages light-emitting diode with outstanding quality of color, MaxLite enters certification of ENERGY STAR seven W of MR16 of the Lamp for commercial, retail trade, h...Read more >>
  • Osram and Google to combine efforts in Smart LED of lamps

    As Osram looks for new owners of its lamp of business, it is smartened the offers of a product that does it Lightify range a smart of LED lamps are compatible to a control system of the house Google N...Read more >>
  • Family of LED rulers for the media GRAPH-i-LINE appendices from GRIVEN at the Interlight Moscow 2015 exhibition

    The new GRIVEN GRAPH-i-LINE series – family of LED rulers for media appendices. The linear profile is equipped by the spherical transparent or opaque lens providing optimum peripheral perception of th...Read more >>
  • Conference "Innovative solutions of the LED industry. Prospects of trade and investment cooperation between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China"

    The Russian-Asian Union of industrialists and businessmen (RASPP) together with leaders of branch: The Guangdong innovative center of the LED industry (Gungdong Solid State Lighting Industry Innovatio...Read more >>
  • Articles
    Led Floodlight - SSU
    Led spotlight - a real find for any street lighting. The products of the company Led Technology presents various spotlights cool white light, in various shapes and sizes. Our producer negotiates with ...Read more >>
    Led Spotlights - perfect lighting
    Led technology recently appeared on the lighting market, but rather confidently occupies a leading position on it. Products brand "LED TECHNOLOGY" is a wide range of energy-saving led products. Our co...Read more >>
    Modern floodlights for urban and household areas
    The floodlights are used as most frequent device of illumination equipment. This illuminating device has found a wide implementation and nowadays you can buy the preferred model. Thislighthasalonghist...Read more >>
    LED solar street lights «Solaris»-all in one!
    For any branch of industry, any city, any person, one of main factors of economy is the cost of electricity. One of the best solutions in modern industry is implementation of solar batteries. Most of ...Read more >>
    A special class of lights is made up of flameproof light fittings.
    LED Technology offers a wide variety of lights designed for use in high-risk areas. A whole range of industries are classified as hazardous production facilities, including, chemical, oil and gas ind...Read more >>
    Street lights – from mere need to your image!
    Everyone once happened to be on an unlit street at night. Remember your feelings: no bravery will rid you of discomfort and inner anxiety. However, many people like evening walks in the parks, well ...Read more >>
    Industrial lighting – comfort, quality, reliability!
    Industrial lighting is a separate sphere in energy solutions; it considerably differs from other types of illumination. Industrial production is a constant hard process oftentimes connected with ris...Read more >>
    Powerful LED searchlights have the same best characteristics LED lights have.
    Powerful LED searchlights have the same best characteristics LED lights have. They’re used for lighting: Building surroundings, gardens, parks, stadiums Around the clock parking lots and gas statio...Read more >>
    Obstruction lights. Light-signal armature
    We have faultless reputation and we propose quality innovative solutions. Our team, is highly qualified specialists with profound knowledge of national and international standards, norms Our produc...Read more >>
    Calculation of lighting and price
    We do calculation of lighting for our clients free of charge. For this purpose it is enough to you to send the demand in which it is necessary to specify object parameters (rooms or streets) and stand...Read more >>
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