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    Series LT BL1
    Electrical Characteristics
    Light characteristics
    Structural and mechanical characteristics
    Electric and technical characteristics
    Power consumption in emergency operation3 W
    Working tension/Frequency of a networkAC 220-240 V/50-60 Hz
    Light sourceLED
    Quantity of light-emitting diodes7
    Operating time in emergency operation180 minutes
    Reaction time of emergency operation<0,25 s
    Ni-CD battery3,6 V 2 800 mAh
    Size, mm380x210x30
    MaterialAluminum/Clear glass
    Warranty period of service1 year
    Description of the lamp
    It is intended for work in single-phase networks by a voltage of 220 V with a frequency of 50 Hz. Provides the constant minimum necessary level of illumination of ways of evacuation and emergency and alarm designation of exits in industrial, public and household places.
    Instructions on operation
    To mount the lamp into position. To be convinced of lack of tension in 220 V. Podklyuchit' chain lamp conductors to a power line: the brown conductor (L) – to to phase wire of a network, the blue conductor (N) – to the neutral conductor of a network, the flavovirent conductor of the lamp (RE) – to the grounding network conductor. To give supply voltage on the lamp, to check a luminescence of indicators "Network/Power", "Charge/Charge". To check operability of the lamp in emergency operation.


    Emergency lighting is designed for lighting of premises after hours. Emergency lighting, depending on the functions performed by them, are separated on evacuation and reserve.

    Evacuation lighting can be of several types: the lighting of escape routes, emergency lighting hazardous area and anti-panic lighting (emergency lighting large areas).

    On escape routes in addition to fixtures installed safety signs. First of all, evacuation signs showing the direction to emergency exits.

    Application area

    The premises of newly built and reconstructed buildings and structures for various purposes, places of production work outside of buildings, sites of industrial and agricultural enterprises, railways platforms of companies, external lighting of cities, towns and villages.


    Internal or external mounting on the supporting surface.

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