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  • Interlight Moscow powered by Light+Building: welcome!

    Today opening of one of the most stylish and spectacular annual actions of lighting branch — Interlight Moscow powered by Light+Building took place. In the territory of five exhibition halls repres...Read more >>
  • MaxLite starts Lamp ENERGY STAR Certified LED MR16

    The combination energy saving advantages light-emitting diode with outstanding quality of color, MaxLite enters certification of ENERGY STAR seven W of MR16 of the Lamp for commercial, retail trade, h...Read more >>
  • Osram and Google to combine efforts in Smart LED of lamps

    As Osram looks for new owners of its lamp of business, it is smartened the offers of a product that does it Lightify range a smart of LED lamps are compatible to a control system of the house Google N...Read more >>
  • Family of LED rulers for the media GRAPH-i-LINE appendices from GRIVEN at the Interlight Moscow 2015 exhibition

    The new GRIVEN GRAPH-i-LINE series – family of LED rulers for media appendices. The linear profile is equipped by the spherical transparent or opaque lens providing optimum peripheral perception of th...Read more >>
  • Conference "Innovative solutions of the LED industry. Prospects of trade and investment cooperation between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China"

    The Russian-Asian Union of industrialists and businessmen (RASPP) together with leaders of branch: The Guangdong innovative center of the LED industry (Gungdong Solid State Lighting Industry Innovatio...Read more >>
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    About us

    ShenZhen LED Technology limited ,Co. World brand and manufacturer of modern, efficient technologies in energy conservation and environmental safety.

    The global brand and manufacturer of modern, efficient technologies in energy conservation and environmental safety.

    The company is the producer, initiator and organizer of the leading partner in a consortium of manufacturers in China. The consortium includes companies with different specializations, but it operates in one segment - the introduction of the world market of led lighting products, solar and wind equipment brand «LED Technology». . The consortium involves more than 100 manufacturing plants producing more than 50000 names of energy products. You always help specialists with extensive experience in solving complex technical projects and operational tasks.

    Products manufactured under the brand name «LED Technology» relevant international norms and standards of quality. All products are regularly checked and confirmed by international certificates. The company conducts research and technological and engineering developments, manufacturing and assembly, testing technology and engineering support brand products «LED Technology».

    In addition, the company conducts an active program of strategic partnership that allows to involve in the development and production of new sources of light experienced professionals, and implement proper quality control of both light technical parameters and testing heat resistance, good resistance, wind resistance, mechanical strength.

    All led matrix verified, chinese, japanese, american, korean manufacturers: CREE, BRIDGELUX, NICHA, OSRAM, PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, MEAN WELL, EPISTAR.

    The consortium offers a wide range of led fixtures and lamps of different types of application:

  • Led lighting for office and administrative lighting
  • Led lamps and bulbs for commercial lighting
  • Led street lights for outdoor lighting
  • Lighting of stadiums and sports arenas
  • Explosion-proof equipment for the fuel and energy complex
  • Led lamps for industrial use
  • Special lighting (airports, special equipment, mast and marine lights)
  • Led fixtures for architectural and advertising lighting
  • Standby and emergency lighting
  • Fixtures for agriculture
  • Solar power
  • Wind power

    Our specialists are ready to conduct an audit of the light environment on objects of any complexity and orientation, to make a professional lighting calculation and offer better lighting with led fixtures and lamps.

    Modern lighting can save up to 90% energy and reduce maintenance costs of lighting by 10-20 times.

    Our company takes an active part on the introduction of advanced lighting systems and in the design stage of new facilities, and in the process of modernization of the existing ones.

    Our specialists have implemented a number of projects for the implementation of energy saving lighting systems in various industries are in agriculture, commercial and office, entertainment, logistics and warehousing centers, oil and gas, and fuel filling stations.

    We are engaged in the development and implementation of projects for industrial, street lighting, as well as coverage of retail and office space and the development of large-scale projects such as airports, stadiums, oil fields, etc.

    An important focus of our activities is the development and implementation of power equipment based on solar and wind energy. This type of energy is becoming very popular in the world and therefore we have developed a set of proposals from our consortium for this type of energy with "zero" under the "key", namely the development of project technical documentation, delivery and installation of equipment. 5 reasons to book outdoor and industrial led lighting, spotlights the company ShenZhen LED Technology limited ,Co.:

  • Low cost of production at the expense of cooperation with more than 100 factories manufacturers in China.
  • High quality of products is confirmed by international certificates.
  • Minimum terms of manufacturing and delivery of products to the cargo terminal of the transport company - 2 days, depending on the order volume
  • Help with modernization and the introduction of a zero lighting system in the facility or enterprise
  • Warranty and service at all time of the lighting installation.

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